ARSO-22163 Mai Wife ~Celebrity Club~ 163


ARSO-22163 Mai Wife ~Celebrity Club~ 163

〇 Ena Maki A young wife who is troubled by her husband’s bondage. In addition to understanding her behavior, it is said that detailed restrictions are imposed, such as not wearing skirts above her knees and not getting involved with men. While she is living such a suffocating life, she gradually becomes rebellious against her husband and starts playing with men using her adultery site. And her desire that she had endured until now ran out of control, and she could not stop her unfaithful act that she had tasted once. She is a friend of her husband, and it seems that there was a time when they had different partners, but they met again after a long absence at a class reunion, and they started dating and got married. However, in her current life, she only sees her in the morning and in the evening because both of them work, and her days off are different, so the time she spends with her husband is limited. Even in such a situation, the work of the night about once a week is a precious couple’s time, but it seems that she is not actually satisfied…

Release Date: 2022-10-20
Length: 177 min(s)
Director: Kiiroi Hyou
Maker: Around
Genre(s): Blow,Married Woman,Planning,
Cast: Uryuki Sara, Satsuki Ena,


Date: October 21, 2022

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