REBD-728 Riena Sailor Uniform and Curiosity, Riena Ninomiya – Censored


REBD-728 Riena Sailor Uniform and Curiosity, Riena Ninomiya

The starring of this work is Riena Ninomiya! ! She’s a beautiful girl with beautiful fair skin who has a clean look and a slightly petite body! ! I love to be seen by people, and I have a history as a cosplayer, so this job is my calling! ! She has a deep knowledge of the V industry, and what she has seen in many works is useful in this work, such as posing. She smiled saying that her dream had come true because she was able to wear a sailor suit, and she was so anxious that she wrote an illustration of her wearing it. She is also good at talking, and in a long interview she talked clearly about her hobbies and secret stories during filming. Bright, positive, curious Ena-chan wears her longing costume and shines dazzlingly! !

Release Date: 02 Mar 2023
Duration:94 mins
Director:Herpes☆Taka ヘルペス☆タカ
Studio: REbecca
Categories: Sexy,Idol Video,Beautiful Tits,Hi-Def,Featured Actress,
Cast(s): Riena Ninomiya



Date: March 7, 2023
Actors: Riena Ninomiya

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